Health Dept. Roundup

Maybe it's the weather, but a lot of places had pest problems this week on Health Department Roundup. Let's take a look:

At Shahnai Restaurant (5920 Hillcroft), an August 22 inspection found the condition of the restaurant was encouraging insects or rodents to make the place their permanent home. That violation was surely helped by the fact that the eatery was not kept free of litter, broken equipment and other items unnecessary for food preparation. There were three other violations as well.

A complaint led to an August 23 inspection of Jalisco Mexican Grill (10852 Westheimer). Citations issued including equipment not being made of safe materials or not maintained in good repair and employees using unapproved pesticides. The remaining of the ten violations were less severe.

Toasters (9820 Gulf Fwy.), in an August 22 visit, was slapped with violations for not protecting food from dust, dirt, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents, toxic materials and other contaminants and for refrigerating potentially hazardous foods for more than a day without marking when they were opened and when they should be eaten. An employee also was caught drinking from an open container, contaminating his hands, food, equipment or utensils. There were two other violations.

An August 25 change-of-ownership inspection at Late Night Pie (302 Tuam) found that insects, dust, dirt and other contaminants were not kept out of the kitchen because the ventilation system was not properly maintained or because the doors (or holes in the walls) were not closed. There was also insufficient ventilation to keep the eatery free of heat, odors, steam, smoke, fumes or vapors among the three other violations.

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