Health Dept. Roundup

There weren't many frightening revelations in our pre-Halloween Health Department Roundup, but there were a few questionable violators. They include:

Taqueria Porvenir (13102 Beaumont Hwy.), which was slapped for seven violations during an October 21 visit, including paperwork errors and failing to store its food at a safe temperature or use an effective method to measure that temperature.

An October 21 change-of-ownership inspection at Double Cross Lounge (114 Gray) found five violations, including that the eatery lacked enough sinks or toilets and had plumbing problems.

Inspectors found six violations during an October 19 visit to Tacos Las Jicaras (3303 ½ Ella), including that some equipment was not cleaned often enough to keep it free of dust, dirt or debris and that effective measures to minimize the presence of rodents and roaches were not used. The restaurant also had paperwork troubles.

At The Little Creamery and neighboring Gordon's Galley (both listed at 3950 S. Terminal Way), inspectors closed the former for paperwork problems and for not cleaning its equipment often enough to keep it free of dust, dirt and debris, along with two other fouls. The latter was slapped for not protecting its food from contamination and for storing its goods too close to the floor, among other violations. Both were visited October 20.

Finally, Mia Bella Restaurant (2006 Lexington St), visited the same day, was cited for not keeping the premises free of litter or old equipment, and for not adjusting some equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

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