Health. Dept. Roundup

Don't complain about your adobe -- you'll wind up getting re-inspected on Health Department Roundup. Forgive for the Mad Libs. Let's get to this week's rundown:

A complaint at Murphy's Deli (16536 Park Row) forced an August 17 inspection, during which the inspector found an employee not restraining his or her hair (or body hair) while preparing food. Doors (or holes in the walls) also were not closed to keep out insects, and some equipment was in poor shape, not capable of being kept clean, or had a surface that was toxic, along with three other violations.

Another complaint, this one at Cafe Adobe (7620 Katy Fwy.), resulted in an August 17 inspection that found no effort had been made to minimize roaches, rodents or insects on site. Some equipment also was not cleaned often enough to keep it free of dust and dirt, and the food was not protected from coughs, sneezes, toxic materials, insects, rodents or many other threats, among five other citations.

A separate complaint at the eatery also had forced an August 12 inspection, during which the inspector found the dishwasher not working properly, and equipment not cleaned at least every four hours, along with four other goofs.

At Sesame Hut (270 Northwest Mall), an August 17 routine visit spotted ice intended for human consumption being used to cool things, some equipment not cleaned often enough to keep it free of dirt and debris, and potentially hazardous food not being kept cold enough in the fridge, among other violations.

Last, after a mid-July visit found 12 violations at the eatery, an August 12 re-inspection at Himalaya Restaurant (6652 Southwest Fwy.) showed some progress. Still, inspectors did spot raw or prepared food being stored in uncovered or unclean containers. And the cloths used to clean equipment also were not sanitized between uses, among three other citations.

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