Health Dept. Roundup

Tighten the plumbing, put soap by the sink and get out the Scotch-Brite pads -- it's this week's Health Department Roundup:

A November 10 inspection at Taqueria Puro Jalisco (1019 Edgebrook) found 10 violations, including a new, fairly awful-sounding one: the ventilation system was spewing something that was a public health hazard, a nuisance or simply unlawful. That, in addition to plenty of plumbing problems, makes it the headliner.

Mezban (6655 Harwin) racked up 10 violations after a November 7 visit found some equipment not cleaned often enough to keep it free of dirt and debris, and other equipment not made of or repaired with safe materials. The eatery also had paperwork issues and no way to measure whether food was being kept cold enough in the freezer.

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At Sarah Place (9968 Bellaire), A November 10 inspection saw the shop closed temporarily thanks to a slew of paperwork problems. Of the nine total violations spotted, some also had to do with the restroom, where there was no soap, no towels and no "employees must wash hands" sign near the sinks. Equipment was also not made of or repaired with safe materials. The place was then re-inspected four days later with no apparent violations.

Finally, Café Caspian (12126 Westheimer) was hit with seven violations after a November 12 inspection found utensils, glassware and plates not handled in a way that prevented contamination, and potentially hazardous foods not being kept cold enough in the freezer.

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