Health Dept. Roundup

Last week was a remarkably light one for city health inspectors, but we'll still trot out their slim pickings for you to peruse this week on Health Department Roundup.

At Happy Lamp (9619 Hillcroft), a November 1 inspection found seven violations, including some equipment that was not cleaned often enough to keep it free of dirt and food debris, and some other equipment that was not constructed or maintained with safe materials.

Chief's Bar-Be-Cue (9342 Westview Drive) racked up nine violations in a November 4 visit, including for not working to limit roaches and rodents, not cleaning equipment often enough to keep it free of dirt and food debris, and for problems with its plumbing and paperwork, among other missteps.

A November 4 visit to Los Irresistibles - Tex Star (159 Aldine Bender) found seven violations, among them a failure to limit roaches and rodents and the lack of a proper ventilation system.

Yam Standard Food Market (10403 Cullen) was slapped with five citations after a November 2 change-of-ownership inspection that found the premises cluttered with litter or broken equipment and without shatter-resistant protection for the lights in several areas.

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