Health Dept. Roundup

Grills, delis, café and taco trucks -- health violations ran the full gamut last week, and we bring them to you now on Health Department Roundup.

At Ruchi's Grill (6410 Westheimer), inspectors found 10 violations in a November 17 visit, including that some equipment and utensils were not clean to the sight and touch and that raw animal foods and ready-to-eat foods were not separated to prevent contamination. Some food also had been removed from its original containers and was being stored in dirty containers, and other food was not protected from dust, dirt, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents and a host of other threats.

A complaint led to a November 16 inspection for Joy's Deli (6200 Savoy) that yielded six citations. Some equipment was found not to have been designed, constructed or repaired with safe materials, and at least one serving utensil was submerged in the food it was meant to dispense. There also was no way for inspectors to measure the strength of the restaurant's cleaning solution, and no way to measure the temperature of the freezer to ensure foods were being stored safely.

As if to drive home this point, Taqueria Del Sur - Three Brothers (3301 Tidwell) was closed temporarily after it racked up seven violations in a November 15 inspection that found a slew of paperwork problems (and, peripherally, that the water on tap was not hot enough).

Finally, inspectors spotted seven violations at Emporio Brazilian Café (12288 Westheimer) during a November 18 visit, including that some food had been removed from its original containers and was being stored in dirty containers, and that the ice-dispensing utensil was sitting on dirty surface.

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