Health Dept. Roundup

This week's Health Department Roundup brought us to some interesting-sounding places.

At Supple Skin (2368 Rice Blvd.), a May 5 pre-opening inspection found the ceilings not easily cleanable in the walk-in fridge, food prep area and several other sections of the shop.

At Boom Boom Game Room (10708 Kingspoint Road), a May 5 change-of-ownership inspection found the toilet room opened directly into the room where food and drinks are prepared.

A May 5 consultative visit to New Alief Food Mart (11352 Beechnut) saw the business closed temporarily for not having a food dealer's permit and not conforming to the requirements of Article II.

A May 4 change-of-ownership inspection at Mike's All Stop (3720 Harrisburg) found the utensil-washing sink with no rounded internal angles or no rounded internal corners, and a toilet room without tight-fitting or self-closing doors.

At Lion Game Room (11875 Bissonnet), a May 4 pre-opening inspection found the plumbing was not sized, installed or maintained properly.

At Joy Game Room (10150 Almeda), a May 3 pre-opening inspection found the wall or ceiling not maintained in good repair.

An April 30 change-of-ownership inspection at Tuesday Morning (901A N. Shepherd) found the ceilings not non-absorbent in the walk-in fridge, food prep or storage areas, and other sections of the store.


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