Health Department Roundup

Health Dept. Roundup: 77011 to 77020

We're back to our systematic ways here at Health Dept. round-up, this week tackling zip codes 77011 to 77020.

Most remarkable in this bunch was a February 5 inspection triggered by a complaint at Shipley Donuts (3410 Ella Blvd., in 77018). The establishment was cited for not filling or closing holes or gaps along the floors, walls or ceiling or for not installing tight-fitting or self-closing doors to protect against the entrance of insects. The eatery's floors also were not nonabsorbent and not maintained in good repair in the food prep, food storage or utensil-washing areas, the walk-in fridge, the dressing, toilet or locker rooms, or the vestibule.

In a common violation, the shop's wall or ceiling was not maintained in good repair. In a less common and more worrying citation, the inspector found no test kit or other device was being used to measure parts per million of chemical sanitization solution and that the moist cloths used for cleaning nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment, counters, dining table tops or shelves were not clean, not being used properly or not stored in sanitizing solution between uses. The shop's outdoor trash or recycling dumpsters also were not kept covered when not in use.

In 77012, the El Konkian Club (8422 La Porte Road) was closed temporarily after a February 5 inspection found it was operating a food service establishment without conforming to the requirements of Article II.

The remaining violations were all unspecified, the ghost citation. Notching this (or these, it's hard to tell) were the Bailey International (5600 Harvey Wilson, in 77020) during a February 9 change-of-ownership inspection; the school cafeteria at Tijerina Elementary (6501 Sherman, in 77011) during a February 10 visit; and, during a February 9 inspection, Restaurant Bar Los Generales (12764 Market).

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