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The next stops on our zip code tour of the city are in 77064-77071, an area northwest of town near Beltway 8.

At Hido Japanese Grill & Sushi (17396 Tomball Parkway), a re-inspection on March 22 found potentially hazardous foods being improperly thawed in water. Inspectors also found the place being operated without the required paperwork. The internal temperature of potentially hazardous food was not held below 41 degrees Fahrenheit or above 135 degrees while being stored, prepared or displayed and, at the sushi bar, food was not protected from dust, dirt, unclean equipment, utensils, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents, flooding, drainage, condensation drippings, overhead leakage or toxic materials. Quite a list. We think the city should add "ninjas" to it and see if anyone notices.

Denny's (this one at 12697 Gessner, also in 77064) can be kind of the low-hanging fruit of kitchen write-ups, but a March 22 re-inspection found eight violations, and that's hard to ignore. Not only did the place notch our favorite, the yeti-in-the-kitchen citation ("food employee not wearing an effective hair restraint or clothing that covered his or her body hair while handling food or utensils"), but inspectors also found food not protected from the same lengthy list of contaminants we mentioned above. Also, bulk food had been removed from its original container and was stored in an unnamed bin, there were no hand drying devices near the sinks, and the floors were not kept clean in several areas of the kitchen. Food-contact surfaces of equipment were not sanitized after each use and nonfood-contact surfaces were not cleaned regularly enough to keep them clean. But it sounds like neither of those would matter, given the kicker citation of the equipment not being in good repair, not being capable of staying sanitary or having food-contact surfaces that were toxic. Yikes.

At the curiously named Indian Wok (7911 W. FM 1960), a routine inspection March 22 found the floors and walls or ceilings were not kept clean in several areas of the kitchen. (Exploding curry?) There also was no hand soap at each hand-washing sink, and the manual cleaning sinks were not cleaned prior to each use. Inspectors found single-service articles being reused (please, not the sporks), and also found potentially hazardous food had been opened and stored in the cooler without any markings as to when it had been opened or when it should be used.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.