Health Dept. Roundup: 77077 to 77099

This week on Health Department Roundup, we finally complete our systematic tour of Houston's zip codes. This last leg was pretty smooth sailing, as we made it all the way from 77077 to 77099 with very few offenders. We also checked in on the non-sequential zip codes that make up recently annexed portions of the city (such as Kingwood) and found little to report from those environs.

At Charley's Grilled Subs (2600 S. Kirkwood in 77077), a complaint led to four violations during an April 1 inspection. First, the restaurant was found to be operating without a certified food service manager (or without the certificate handy). Also, the floors not kept clean in several areas of the kitchen, no device was being used to measure concentration of the sanitizing solution, and there was no shatter-proof protection provided for the lights in several areas of the kitchen.

At Sprinkle Donuts (9923 N. Houston Rosslyn Road in 77088) an April 2 re-inspection also found the restaurant operating without food-service certification. Equipment and utensils there also were stored in unsanitary conditions, food waste or garbage were not stored in covered containers, single-service items were being reused, and bulk food had been removed from its original containers and was being stored in unmarked containers. Also, moist cloths used for food spills were not rinsed frequently or were not kept in sanitizing solution between uses. Some equipment was not capable of being maintained in a sanitary condition or had toxic food-contact surfaces. Other equipment also was not cleaned often enough to prevent the buildup of dust, dirt and other debris.

Sushi King (3401 Kirby in 77098) had trouble with its ice in an April 6 routine inspection: The eatery was cited for not installing or operating its ice machine properly, and for storing food in contact with water or un-drained ice.

Finally, during an April 1 routine visit to La Madalena Bakery (9525 S. Kirkwood, in 77099), inspectors found the floors were not kept clean in several areas of the kitchen, lighting was not strong enough in several areas of the kitchen and restaurant, and that food-contact surfaces of equipment were not cleaned at least every four hours. Also, once again, inspectors found the restaurant operating without a certified food service manager (or without the certificate handy).

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