Health Dept. Roundup: An International Tour

This week on Health Department Roundup, we take an international tour of sorts, and even throw in dessert. If you want to pretend it's in honor of the World Cup, feel free.

At Cazadores Mexican Restaurant (11031 Northwest Fwy.), in a June 29 routine visit , inspectors found the hand-washing sink did not provide water of at least 100 degrees. Also, no vent hood was installed above the cooking equipment, employees' lockers were located in an unapproved area, the equipment was not cleaned often enough to keep it free of dust, dirt and other debris, and also was not in good repair, not capable of being maintained in a sanitary condition, or had a food-contact surface that was toxic.

At Hefley's (138 W. Gray), a change-of-ownership visit June 28 found effective measures to minimize the presence of rodents, roaches and other pests were not used and that the utensil-washing sink had no rounded angles or rounded internal corners. A wall or ceiling also was not maintained in good repair, workers were not provided enough light in the kitchen, and the premises were not kept free of items unnecessary for operation or maintenance, or broken equipment.

A June 25 re-inspection at Shan Hu Restaurant (7656 Bellfort) found the ceilings were not smooth in several areas of the kitchen, garbage containers were not durable, easily cleanable, insect- or rodent- proof, or were leaking. Also, the site was not kept free of items unnecessary for operation or maintenance, or broken/unused equipment.

At Bella Italiano (14642 Memorial), inspectors found June 25 that the ice-dispensing utensil was not stored on a clean surface or in the ice with the handle extended out from the ice. In what sounds like a more relevant violation to look for, the restaurant also was cited for not disposing of its sewage or liquid waste properly. Also, a food employee was found not to be wearing an effective hair restraint or clothing that covered his (or her) body hair (our favorite "yeti violation"). Last, no-smoking signs weren't conspicuous enough at each entrance.

Finally, at Gelato Cup (9899 Bellaire Blvd.), a consultative June 25 visit resulted in violations for the following: moist cloths used for spills were not cleaned or sanitized between uses, a hand-washing sink was not accessible to employees at all times, the plumbing was not sized, installed or maintained properly, a dirty sponge was used in contact with sanitized equipment, and the ice machine was not located, installed, operated or maintained in a way that prevented contamination of the ice.

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