Health Dept. Roundup: Bakery Edition

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In honor of last weekend's National Pie Day, welcome to the bakery edition of Health Department Roundup. Le Petit Paris Bakery (7536 FM 1960 W.) had a busy inspection visit on January 25, notching six violations. Among them: The city found the bakery was using shipping containers, milk or produce crates as storage racks or support shelves. Poisonous or toxic materials also were not used in accordance with applicable laws. The floors were not kept clean in the food prep, utensil-washing or food storage areas, the walk-in fridge, the dressing, locker or toilet rooms or the vestibule. Some foods on site also were either not in sound condition, not safe for human consumption, not free from spoilage, filth other contaminants, not obtained from an approved source or not in compliance with laws relating to food labeling. The bakery also was guilty of the old standard: nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment not cleaned as often as necessary to keep it free of dust, dirt, food particles or other debris.

Young's Bakery, 14583 Main, was guilty of that last one also during its January 21 inspection. Inspectors also found the wall in the walk-in fridge, food prep or storage areas, utensil and equipment washing areas, toilet rooms or vestibule was not nonabsorbent (and, separately, not maintained in good repair).

Donald Donuts, (6220 W. 43rd) also was found guilty of not keeping its equipment dust-free during its January 21 inspection, but corrected this repeat violation on site. Also, the donut shop's hand-washing sink or soap dispensers, hand-drying devices or related fixtures were not kept clean or in good repair (also corrected on site). Lastly, the eatery's food was found unprotected from potential contamination by dust, dirt, unclean equipment, utensils, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents, flooding, drainage, drippage from condensation, overhead leakage, unnecessary handling or toxic materials. That, too, was corrected on site.

Finally, Yaan's Bakery (973 Federal Road) also notched one in the dusty equipment category during its January 21 exam. The bakery also was cited for not filling or closing gaps along the floors, walls or ceilings that allowed insects to get in, and for not maintaining a wall or ceiling in good repair. The eatery also did not implement effective measures to minimize the presence of rodents, flies, cockroaches or other insects, and did not have self-closing, tight-fitting or solid doors on its toilet room.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.