Health Department Roundup

Health Dept. Roundup: Bakery Edition

This week on Health Department Roundup, a rundown of all the retail and wholesale bakeries inspected recently citywide. Call it the "bad bread," or, if you like, the "sour dough" edition.

An April 19 pre-opening inspection at A Place To Cook (4509 Kelvin) slapped the bakery for not having rounded corners on its utensil-washing sink and for not protecting food from a litany of dangers, including dust, dirt, unclean equipment, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents, flooding, drainage, etc.

Also, the toilet room opened directly into a room where food and drink are prepared, a no-no, and the floors were not made of smooth, durable materials in several areas of the kitchen. Also, a wall or ceiling was not maintained in good repair, 50-foot-candles of light were not provided in one area, and there were not enough hand-washing sinks. Also, in a bizarre violation, the restaurant was cited for "failure to provide water under pressure." Does this mean the sink was faulty and the plumbing was bad? Or does it mean the inspector was thirsty and did a little "bad cop " routine on a reluctant employee? We'll never know.

At Ideal Bakery (1006 N. Shepherd), a routine inspection April 22 found the wall not easily cleanable (and not smooth, a separate citation) in the walk-in fridge, food prep, storage and washing area, and the floors not kept clean in those same areas. Also, food was not protected from potential contaminants, ranging from dust and dirt to coughs and sneezes to insects and rodents. The plumbing was not sized, installed or maintained properly, equipment was not cleaned as often as necessary to keep it free of dust, dirt or other debris, and fans attached to walls or ceilings were not clean or kept in good repair.

A pre-opening inspection April 20 at Dawn Donuts (12132 Sabo) showed, again, food not protected from potential contamination by dust, dirt, unclean equipment, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents, flooding, drainage or Gordon Brown's judgmental mouth. (Catch that?)

Finally, an April 20 routine stop at Southern Maid Donuts (9801 Beechnut) found no-smoking signs not placed properly, outdoor garbage cans not covered when not in use, and, most curiously, the door to the toilet room not kept closed. Must be one big happy family over there (or the latch is broken).

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