Health Department Roundup

Health Dept. Roundup: Floor Routine

Health inspectors found serial offenders hard to nab this week, but we did the for you digging anyway on Health Department Roundup.

At an unlucky Lucky Noodle House, (6609 W. Sam Houston Pkwy.), a June 23 change of ownership inspection yielded citations for storing containers of food within 6 inches of the floor and having no sanitary towels or hand-drying devices located near each hand-washing sink.

A routine visit to Mi Cay Tung (11528 Bellaire Blvd.) on June 22 found the restaurant was operating with out the proper permits, that the floors were not nonabsorbent in several areas of the kitchen, and that shipping containers were being used as storage racks or support shelves.

Valle Hermoso Tortilleria y Tacqueria (4822 Fulton) was cited in a re-inspection June 22 for not cleaning the nonfood contact surfaces of its equipment often enough to prevent grime buildup, for providing no dispensing utensils for employees or consumers, and for preparing or displaying raw foods next to ready-to-eat foods. Also, food was not stored in a manner that protected it from "splash" or other contamination. Maybe that's slang, maybe that means the sink, we're not sure.

At Tortas El Angel (1018 N. Shepherd) a June 22 re-inspection found foods manufactured or packaged by a commercial food processor were not labeled according to all applicable laws, and potentially hazardous foods were not cooled to 41 degrees or colder within 6 hours of receiving them.

Finally, a June 22 routine inspection at Refresqueria Michoacan (1010 N. Shepherd) found food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment were not kept free of crusted grease or accumulated grime, stored utensils were not covered, and, again, containers of food were not stored in a manner that protected them from splash or other contamination.

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