Health Dept. Roundup: Fuddruckers

Our hometown Luby's announced in June it would take over the bankrupt Fuddruckers chain. That turnaround must be almost complete, because city health inspectors hit eight Fuddruckers across town on Tuesday for change-of-ownership (or "pre-opening") inspections. Let's see how they scored.

The 13010 Northwest Freeway location was the worst offender, with six citations. Inspectors found the floors not easily cleanable and the ceilings not smooth in several areas of the kitchen, and no shielding or shatter-resistant coating on the overhead lighting.

There also was insufficient ventilation to keep the kitchen free of excessive heat, obnoxious odors, steam, smoke, condensation, fumes or vapors, and some equipment and utensils were not constructed or repaired with safe materials or were not corrosion resistant, easily cleanable or maintained in good repair. Finally, the toilet room opened directly into a room where food and drink are prepared.

Three other locations notched four violations.

The 11950 Kurland site had no tight-fitting or self-closing doors on its toilet room, insufficient screens on its windows and exterior doors, a wall or ceiling that was not maintained in good repair, and plumbing that was not sized, installed or maintained properly.

Staff at the 403 Greens Road restaurant had adjusted some equipment not in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Also, the ice-making machine was not installed, operated or maintained in a way that prevented contamination of the ice, a wall or ceiling was not maintained in good repair, and there was not enough light provided in the kitchen.

Folks at the 4360 Kingwood Drive location also did not inappropriately use some of their equipment. In addition, the floors were not made of smooth, durable materials in several areas of the kitchen, a wall or ceiling was not maintained in good repair, and there was insufficient lighting in the work area.

Fuddruckers restaurants at 3929 Southwest Freeway, 7511 FM 1960, 10500 Town & Country Way and 2475 South Kirkwood all notched three or fewer violations.

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