Health Dept. Roundup: Market Edition

This week on Health Department Roundup, we visited the city's retail food markets.

At Foodarama Meat (11502 Wilcrest), a May 17 routine inspection found a hand-washing sign was not visible at all hand-washing sinks used by food employees, and that floors were not kept clean in several areas of the kitchen. Also, the market was using shipping containers or milk and produce crates as storage racks or support shelves, a no-no.

Hong Kong Food Market (11205 Bellaire Blvd.) was slapped for the same storage violation in a May 17 routine inspection. The market also was cited for its multiuse equipment not being constructed or repaired with safe materials or not being well maintained, and for its ventilation filters not being cleaned often enough to prevent build-up. The floors also were not nonabsorbent in several areas of the kitchen, there was no shielding or shatter-resistant protection provided for lighting in several areas of the kitchen, and effective measures intended to minimize the presence of rodents, flies, roaches and other bugs were not being used.

A complaint at Kroger (1801 S. Voss) led to a May 14 inspection that found potentially hazardous food not maintained at 41 degrees or below in cold storage and openings to the outside not protected (by closing doors and screens) against the entry of insects.

On May 19, inspectors visited Randall's (11041 Westheimer) and found containers of food not stored at least six inches above the floor, and food-contact surfaces of equipment not washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use.

Finally, a May 20 stop at My Quang Food Market (12790 Scarsdale) for a pre-opening inspection found no convenient hand-washing sink installed for employee use in the food prep or utensil-washing areas.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.