Health Department Roundup

Health Dept. Roundup: Odd Names Edition

Each New Year tends to be greeted with a dose of confusion. Am I really as old as I feel? Is this car I've woken up in mine?

Similarly, we'd wager there are days when health inspectors arrive at the restaurants they're meant to peruse, check the name on the sign and wonder whether they've parked outside an eatery or not.

Welcome to the odd names edition.

One such curiously titled establishment is Happy All (2502 W. Holcombe), which had a sad review this Monday, notching four violations. Corrected on site was the goof of removing raw or prepared food from its original packaging and storing it in unclean or uncovered containers. Other violations included not cleaning the nonfood-contact surfaces of the kitchen equipment often enough to prevent the buildup of dust, dirt, food particles and other debris. We think it best not to speculate about what "other debris" might entail. The restaurant also was slapped for having its fans attached to the walls and ceilings in such a way that they were not able to be easily maintained or cleaned, and for not changing ventilation filters often enough to prevent accumulation.

Also reprimanded were the folks at House of Bowls (6650 Corporate Drive), which sounds like it could be anything from a paraphernalia shop to a bowling alley. The restaurant's Monday inspection revealed the hand-washing sink was not accessible to employees at all times (corrected on site). Inspectors also spotted an employee drinking from an open beverage container in a manner that contaminated his or her hands and the food and utensils he or she was near.

This one's a bit better known but it doesn't make Le Peep any less of a comical name. The 11199 Westheimer location was dinged for its plumbing not being sized, installed or maintained properly. Also noted was the lack of maintenance on the restaurant's floors or floor coverings in its food prep area / walk-in fridge / food storage area / dressing room / locker room / utensil-washing area / toilet room / vestibule.

Vestibule, you ask? Yes, "vestibule." Take it up with the city terminology department.

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