Health Dept. Roundup: Skyscraper Edition

Come along this week as Health Department Roundup visits the skyscrapers of our pulsing "skyline district," as the signs would put it.

First, a pre-opening inspection held April 14 at Tasti D Lite, at 919 Milam, found the wall was not light-colored in the walk-in fridge, food prep, storage or utensil washing areas, or the toilet rooms. Frankly, we enjoy a nice shade of forest green when we're cooling our heels around a toilet, but who are we to question city health inspectors?

An April 13 change-of-ownership inspection at Smoothie Factory, 930 Main St., found a wall was not smooth, again in the walk-in fridge, food prep, storage or utensil washing areas, or the toilet rooms. Provided there aren't bits of metal protruding from it, we've never understood this one. An anti-stucco bias, perhaps?

An April 16 pre-opening inspection at Chick-Fil-A, 1200 McKinney, found what we like to call the "kitchen sink" violation. Inspectors saw food not protected from potential contamination by (get ready for the list) dust, dirt, unclean equipment, unclean utensils, coughs, sneezes, insects, rodents, flooding, drainage, dripping condensation, overhead leakage, unnecessary handling, toxic materials and, it seems, whatever else you can possibly imagine that would funk up exposed food.

If you want to suggest additions to the city's list for that kitchen sink violation (20.21.2(a)(1)), we're taking nominations in the comments.

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