Healthy, Fresh Food for Less: Discount Grocery Stores Near You

As nice as it is to buy healthy foods -- especially organic produce and boxed items -- it is unfortunate that the price can be much higher than with ordinary food products. Organic produce tends to be more expensive than regular produce.

In an effort to feed an entire family, many households opt for cheaper options like fast food, frozen dinners and processed foods. Although this does successfully feed a family, it doesn't feed a family healthy foods.

However, many grocery outlets that offer fresh produce and grocery items -- much like farmers' markets -- for a lower price than leading supermarkets are beginning to appear in Texas cities, including Houston.

With the addition of discount supermarkets, like ALDI, and the most recent opening of Sprouts in Katy, more families and households can buy healthier foods without breaking the bank.

Sprouts is a grocery chain found throughout the country with approximately 150 stores. This store provides healthy choices at lower prices. Sprouts offers just about everything that a large supermarket would: fruits, vegetables, deli foods, meats, organic and gluten-free products, as well as specialty items, like gourmet cheese, wine and beer. The biggest difference is that Sprouts offers these products for a much lower price.

ALDI is another discount grocery store making appearances around Texas as well. ALDI offers healthy products to customers to help them save up to 50 percent on their grocery bills. Produce is provided by local United States farmers, ensuring freshness. Other grocery products are sold under the ALDI brand, but compared to name-brand products, they are much cheaper.

This trend of discount grocery stores allows lower-income households to provide their families with fresh and healthy food. Food shouldn't be so expensive that it takes an arm and a leg to provide a family with a healthy meal. With more of these discount grocery stores, we might start to see a change in the overall health of American families.

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