In 2020, I'm spicing it up.EXPAND
In 2020, I'm spicing it up.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Five Sandwich Resolutions for a Happy 2020

For nearly two years, I've been writing about sandwiches, which isn't all that big of a deal when you consider I've been consuming them for far longer. But as we roll into a new decade, I thought I would once again jot down my resolutions for making 2020 happy, prosperous and sandwich filled.

A new decade loaded with delicious hoagies can't be all bad, right?

Kick it up a notch.

In my most recent sandwiches post, I lumped praise on the Revival Market club (pictured above). One thing it was not lacking in was spice. In fact, my mouth was still on fire after I was done. I have, in the past, tended to shy away from things that are really spicy fearing the heat would simply dampen my palette and that's all I would taste. But, over the last few years, my taste buds have started to adjust and I'm more comfortable with spicy stuff, so in 2020, bring it on.

Change up my personal routine.

Admittedly, my regular homemade sandwich fare is simple to a fault. Turkey and mayo is a quick, easy and cheap way to eat lunch at my desk. But there's really no reason not to try new and different things even when my hands are the ones crafting it. So, this year, I aim to work on combinations of my own I've always wanted to try but haven't found in my travels.

Dig into breakfast.

My wife jokes that I go out of my way to seek out sandwiches on menus and that absolutely includes breakfast. Years ago, one of my favorites was a croissant filled with a cheese omelette gently toasted and generously seasoned. God knows we all love breakfast tacos. It seems only fair the humble breakfast sandwich get its due.

Focus even harder on bread.

If I love anything more than sandwiches, it is the wrapper in which they are encased. Great bread falls very close to sacred on the spectrum of food delicacies for me, no doubt thanks to my German grandmother who baked fresh loaves from scratch every week. And I do put a premium on the starchy stuff when reviewing sandwiches here, but it deserves even more merit. Great bread makes great sandwiches. It deserves even more attention.

Go international.

I will have the good fortune to travel out of the country a couple times this coming year. Sandwich proprietors, please be advised...and prepared.

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