Pot Luck

Highs and Lows of Boudin Balls

Last week, I ate the best boudin balls I've ever had. They were little golf ball-size nuggets that came hot of the fryer and then got rolled around in seasonings. Of course, it helps that I bought them at Best Stop Supermarket Scott, Louisiana, a little Cajun grocery and meat market that makes the world's best boudin.

Every time I have a good boudin ball experience, it encourages me to try the boudin balls at other restaurants and markets. And I end up getting disappointed a lot. Take the tennis ball-size boudin balls at Discount Foods on Homestead, for example. I generally like this soul food buffet. But the boudin balls I had were terrible. They tasted like big balls of fried rice.

In fact, Bert's Meat Market on Lyons in the Fifth Ward sells the only great boudin balls I've ever had in Houston. Where do you get yours?

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Robb Walsh
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