The great pink slime food fight is over.
The great pink slime food fight is over.

HISD Settles with Don Lee Farms About Pink Slime

First the Houston ISD declared stoutly that it had no pink slime in the meat it had purchased for its children. Restaurants and schools throughout the country might have a problem. It did not, it assured parents and the public.

Then, after discovering it did, in fact, have some, and that much of it had already been consumed by all those kids, HISD sent Don Lee Farms a demand letter saying that the company breached its contract regarding lean finely textured beef.

It seems both sides have taken a deep breath. HISD has settled with the company and "Don Lee Farms has agreed to redistribute the Charbroiled 100% Beef Patties to other customers requesting the product," according to HISD spokesman Jason Spencer.

Given that no one has ever really determined whether pink slime -- however unsightly it may be -- is bad for you, it seems a rather pragmatic solution was reached, avoiding humongous attorney fees on both sides.

And in an especially heartwarming statement, the HISD press release said:

"HISD and Don Lee Farms have agreed to continue working together to support student achievement through proper nutrition.

Everyone can rest easy now.

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