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Hofmann Sausage Co: Texas Is About to Get Real...Hot Dogs! If You Live in Dallas, Can You Bring Me Some?

So if you are from Upstate New York (like me), and if you love hot dogs (like me), and you live in Texas (like me), then you probably really, really miss Hofmann hot dogs. Like me. Because when I tell you I miss Hofmann hot dogs, I mean that I miss them super-duper terribly, especially when holidays like Memorial Day and Fourth of July and Labor Day roll around.

There is just really nothing like a Hofmann Hot Dog. I'm a Snappy Griller girl, but Hofmann Red Hot franks are good, too. The Reds (or franks) are more like a traditional hot dog and are made of beef, veal and pork blend; the White Hots (Coneys, or Snappy Grillers) are an all-natural, spicy pork-and-veal concoction that makes any other dog taste really sad in comparison.

Don't believe me? Last Thanksgiving, my husband smuggled Hofmann White Hots back to Houston in his carry-on luggage. Back in 2008, when we were living in Anchorage, I had to literally rip the phone out of my husband's hands so he wouldn't spend $120 on hot dogs-plus-shipping to Alaska.

Even I have to draw the line somewhere. But not for much longer, because Hofmann hot dogs are going national, and they are starting in Dallas.

Dear anyone coming here from Dallas: Please bring me some.

The Hofmann Sausage company has been purchased by the Dallas-based Zaccanelli Food Group, with an eclectic group of investors including the Oneida Nation, Syracuse University head coach Jim Boeheim, Phil Romano (Romano's Macaroni Grill, Fuddruckers), former Syracuse Police Chief Dennis DuVal and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach.

Since I don't live in Upstate New York anymore, I'm going to ignore the sovereignty and land politics surrounding the acquisition of the company by the Oneida Nation and focus on my extreme happiness that Hofmann's may be coming to a grocery store near me. No plans for a Houston expansion have been announced, but it looks like Hofmann products will be in Albertsons supermarkets in Dallas by Memorial Day Weekend.

I'm going home for the Fourth of July this year, and I am already dreaming about the rows and rows of Red and White dogs that will be lined up on every grill, at every party. Hopefully by the time I celebrate Labor Day Weekend here in Houston, I can line up some Hofmann's on my own grill.

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