Honduras Mayan Cafe & Bar

I was headed over to Pico's for some top-shelf margaritas and mole when I decided to try something new, Honduras Mayan Cafe & Bar (5945 Belliare Blvd. 713-668-5057), which is right next door.

I ordered a Honduran beer called Port Royal -- a crisp pilsner with a malty finish -- and asked my server for some chips with beans and cheese. Instead of the customary chips and salsa, Honduras serves chips with a black bean puree and some crumbled white cheese on top. The cheese tasted like cotija, but it was hard to tell. The creamy beans and cheese were served in a ramekin atop a clay pot with a candle to keep them warm. The chips were thick and tasted like they were fried to order.

Since it was too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, we ordered a baleadas, a quesadilla-like snack food. A thick tortilla folded in half and filled with black beans, eggs and cheese, it was pretty thick for a snack. Paired with the beans and cheese and chased down with a beer, it was almost a meal.

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