Houston's Best Sandwiches: TC Turkey Club at Elliot's Table

When Elliot's Table describes the turkey on their TC Turkey Club, they mean battered and deep fried, praise Jesus.
When Elliot's Table describes the turkey on their TC Turkey Club, they mean battered and deep fried, praise Jesus. Photo by Jeff Balke
We are in search of Houston's best sandwiches because we love sandwiches and we love Houston!

When I heard someone say "fried turkey," I immediately think of Thanksgiving, family members drinking beer on the driveway while some lunatic lowers a 25-pound bird into a scalding vat of peanut oil. Admittedly, turkey prepared that way is often fantastic, assuming it didn't also result in a massive flash fire and a trip to the nearby hospital burn ward.

But, when the folks at Elliot's Table (456 T.C. Jester Suite B) say they have fried turkey on their TC Turkey Club sandwich (named undoubtedly after the street on which they are located), they mean as in fried chicken. This isn't a bird dunked in an oil bath whole. These are thick slabs of turkey breaded and fried like their chicken counterparts.

I'll confess as to never having had this type of fried turkey before and when the beautiful plate with that and a swoosh of purple sweet potato puree (I opted for that over fries) landed on the table, it initially took me by surprise. How would turkey done this way turn out? Would it be greasy? Would it be dry? Would it taste good?

The answers, I'm happy to say, are surprisingly fantastic, no, no and yes.

The breaded turkey was moist and flavorful with just a hint of heat. The distinctive flavor of turkey as opposed to chicken really shone through and it didn't just feel like a plain old fried chicken sandwich. It was complemented by the generous pour of in-house-made ranch and its familiar tangy kick plus onions, tomato and arugula. Bacon is also optional.

And who can resist any sandwich on a brioche roll?

Admittedly, it's a fried sandwich making it a tad on the heavy side, but not as heavy as fried chicken, interestingly enough, probably owing to the somewhat lower fat content of the turkey. Which is why the fact it was tender and moist was even more a pleasant surprise.

Elliot's clearly sources great ingredients and treats them with tremendous care, so it's no wonder the TC Turkey Club turned out to be as good as it is. And as far as I know, no one had to suffer third degree burns to get it onto my table.

If you have a sandwich you think is one of the best in town, hit us up. We're always looking for new options.
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