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Hot Dogs Still Allowed at Moon Tower; Wiener Dogs Out

Confusion reigned momentarily on Twitter yesterday afternoon when word started spreading that dogs had been banned at Moon Tower Inn, the East End icehouse and sausage joint that cranks out hot dogs by the dozen.

Kyle Nielsen was one of the first to Tweet the news: "Health Department dropped the hammer on Moontower Inn, no more doggies." We, as @EatingOurWords, re-Tweeted the update with an ever-so-eloquent, "Noooooo!" amended to the beginning.

But -- wait. Dog dogs? Or hot dogs? We suddenly saw how this could be misconstrued.

And then the direct messages and emails began flowing in. We quickly took to Twitter again and rectified the statement: "Right, no more dogs at MTI. Sausages are still a go!"

Said one follower on Twitter: "I had a mild panic attack - "no more doggies" literally, no more animals." Yes, we replied. No more doggies.

As for Moon Tower Inn itself, the owners had this to say on Facebook:

well kids, i guess even our yard isn't big enough for rover to come hang. due to the city of houston health department's often bullshit rules, no more furry pals allowed at the ol' tower. a sad day for all..

But later that evening, we were still receiving texts from friends. The no dogs/no hot dogs quandary was still making its way around Houston. So let's clarify once and for all today:

Moon Tower Inn is still cranking out hot dogs. But dog dogs are now banned. No chihuahuas, no Dobermans, no beagles, no Boston Terriers, as per City of Houston regulations.

Don't fret, though, Moon Tower. You weren't the first, and you probably won't be the last. Luckily, we have groups like Paws on Patios fighting for dog advocacy. Maybe the Fidos and Bruisers will find their way back soon.

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Katharine Shilcutt