Hot Sauces That Will Make You Cry Like A Baby, Part II

A few months ago, Eating Our Words featured the "Top 5 Hot Sauces That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby." We received so much feedback on other hot sauces to try that we decided it was time for another round of hot sauce punishment. Forget making you cry like a baby, these hot sauces will make your entire body hurt. We're not sure if even milk will save you from the pain these hot sauces inflict. Go ahead, sample at your own risk.

1. Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce - "So Hot It's Spooky" is right. This is our number one hottest sauce. We could barely get through half a drop before crying in pain. The sauce would have a good smoky flavor if we hadn't fried our taste buds. If you dare, Dave's has an even hotter limited-edition ghost pepper hot sauce. But be prepared to shell out about $30 for that one. We'll probably pass.

2. Blair's After Death Sauce - We could actually get through a whole drop of this chipotle-flavored hot sauce. But one drop was enough. Our lips still looked like Angelina Jolie's after a collagen treatment. It felt like they might melt off our face. Maybe we should have taken the skull keychain on the bottle as a warning sign.

3. Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost - After all the comments on the 357 sauces, we expected this ghost pepper hot sauce to be off the charts. Don't get us wrong - it's pretty close to liquid fire, but it doesn't hold a candle to Dave's or Blair's. We could get through a couple of drops of this surprisingly sweet hot sauce without wanting to die.

4. Marie Sharp's Belizean Heat - Marie Sharp's is Louisiana hot sauce on steroids. It's still much spicier than your traditional hot sauce, but we would actually use this Cajun-flavored sauce on a regular basis for added spice. If you like an extra kick in your food, this habañero sauce is a good addition to your pantry.

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Jane Catherine Collins