House of Enchiladas

Deep in Friendswood (it isn't that far away, people) is an establishment that has ballooned into an enchilada institution. It's called La Casita (18043 County Rd. 127), and Tom Hanks ate here during the filming of Apollo 13 at Space Center Houston. It's also the local dive of a recent Bachelor contestant. Weird. Friendswood.

We had a half order of fajitas served with caramelized onions, green and red bell peppers, beef flank steak, guacamole, lettuce and pico. This dish served its purpose but wasn't anything to be flying celebrities here for.

It was the sour cream chicken enchiladas -- layered with spiced shredded chicken, sour cream and queso fresco and topped with salsa -- that turned our head.

The tender chicken's marriage with the white cheese of Mexico was a mild wonder when accompanied by sour cream. We mixed the run-off juices of the chicken with the rice and beans to create a hot mess on our plate. Like most hot messes, it was delicious.

Keeping to our theme of eating on a barista's budget, this place was cheap. Our grand total, with chips, salsa, a half order of fajitas and sour cream chicken enchiladas, was $13.90. It was definitely worth the risk of getting a ticket for "driving while urban."

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