Houston hosted Eat St. as it filmed food trucks this past summer.
Houston hosted Eat St. as it filmed food trucks this past summer.
Photo by Katharine Shilcutt

Houston Food Trucks Featured on Eat St.: We Compile Our Own Houston-Centric Episode

Although the Cooking Channel was ostensibly created to air the kind of cooking-oriented shows that the Food Network used to air -- remember those shows where chefs actually showed you how to make food? -- it can't help itself from presenting more Food Network-y shows like Eat St., which describes itself as "a lip-smacking celebration of North America's tastiest, messiest and most irresistible street food."

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I'm not really complaining, of course -- I'll watch footage of shrimp corn dogs and pork belly tacos all day long. Especially if those shrimp corn dogs and pork belly tacos came from Houston.

Back in May 2012, Eat St. filmed food trucks in the Bayou City for a week straight. It was a hot, sweaty, humid affair for the Canadian production crew, but managed to hit a bevy of trucks during their stay.

The Modular, St. John's Fire, Fusion Taco, Phamily Bites, The Waffle Bus, The Rice Box and Stick It all had their turn in front of the cameras -- although the footage wasn't compiled for a Houston-centric episode.

Instead, the Houston food trucks have so far been scattered into several Eat St. episodes throughout Season 4 of the show. St. John's Fire was featured on the "Aloha, Portland" episode, The Rice Box was featured on the "Music to Your Mouth" episode, Stick It was featured in the "Some of This, Some of That" episode, The Waffle Bus was featured on the "Gold and Great" episode and now-defunct food truck The Modular was featured on the "In Bacon We Trust" episode.

We thought it'd be more fun to compile a Houston-focused episode of Eat St., however, to highlight all the Bayou City mobile bites at once. So scroll through the promos for each of the Houston food trucks featured on Eat St. below and enjoy a whole Houston "episode" of Eat St. -- without commercials.

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