Texas Cafeteria has closed after 50 years in business.
Texas Cafeteria has closed after 50 years in business.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Houston Loses a Classic: Texas Cafeteria Has Closed

Texas Cafeteria has closed. It was known for serving humble classics like beef tips, chicken-fried steak, and chicken and dumplings. We called the restaurant and spoke with owner Pauline Koumonduros.

It turns out this is a case of a longtime restaurateur calling it quits after decades in the industry. "We sold the place," she says. "We've been open for 50 years. We've owned it for 25 and I'm just tired."

When asked who purchased the space, Koumonduros said, "Would you believe we have no idea? We've never even seen him. We went in and signed papers and then he signed papers. He didn't even have the courtesy to come to the closing."

Koumonduros is hoping she and her husband, George, will have some time now to have fun and travel after they're done selling off the restaurant equipment and other supplies. She's planning to sell off as much as she can from there at the restaurant while they finish with the task of shutting it down.

The only question remaining is what will take the place of Texas Cafeteria. It will be missed, even by younger fellow Houston restaurant owners. Anthony Calleo of Pi Pizza posted on Facebook, "After 50 yrs, Texas Cafeteria is closed as of yesterday. I grew up eating there with my grandma. I'm bummed man. Houston, you lost a good one"

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