Houston Restaurant Ouisie’s Table Pokes Fun at Presidential Race With Special Menu

When people think about Ouisie’s Table, the image might be of Southern food, good service or the beautiful patio. It's not likely to be that of an equal-opportunity offender, but the Houston restaurant has developed a non-partisan menu that pokes a little lighthearted fun at Democratic and Republican presidential candidates alike. Even the current Commander in Chief can't escape being the subject of a bad pun. 

Ouisie's Table is offering the menu concurrently with the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, from July 18 to 21 and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia from July 25 to 28. At $25 for three courses with an additional $10 for wine pairings, it sounds like an economic victory no matter which way the diners’ politics swing.

The dishes include Border WallNut Salad, Oysters Barack O’Feller (six Gulf oysters baked on the half-shell with cream cheese, spinach and panko bread crumbs), tRump Roast and Secretary Of Steak (grilled rib eye steak with a twice baked potato and green beans with onions and garlic).

Diners who want to eat their politics can call 713-528-2264 for reservations. The full menu is shown below. 

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