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Houston Restaurant Weeks Kicks Off August 1

Houston Restaurant Weeks is less than two months away and is gearing up to raise funds for the Houston Food Bank, once again, beginning August 1 and lasting through Labor Day to September 2. This year will mark the tenth year of installment, after launching in 2003.

While the complete list of restaurants participating this year has not been formally released, we do know that Randy Evans of Haven, Michael Cordua of Cordua Restaurants and Arthur Mooradian of Del Frisco's, Sullivan's and the new Del Frisco's Grille will be participating once again. Cleverley Stone, founder of Houston Restaurant Weeks, predicts that these three groups of restaurants will make a huge donation. In fact, Del Frisco's was the number one donating restaurant last year.

Stone says that there are a few changes and adjustments being made to this year's event, starting with a brand new logo and having the formal dates run through Labor Day, as well as new pricing for specific meals.

"I have added a layer of pricing, so now we have a lunch at $20, dinner at $35 and dinner at $45," Stone says.

For every $20 lunch, $3 will be donated to the Houston Food Bank by the restaurants participating this year. For every $35 dinner, $5 will be donated, and for every $45 dinner, $7 will be donated.

In 2012, Houston Restaurant Weeks collected more than $1.22 million to give completely to the Houston Food Bank. From serving more than 253,000 meals at all restaurants involved in the month-long event, 3.66 million meals were provided for those suffering from food insecurity. In fact, Houston Restaurant Weeks 2012 became the largest single fundraising event for the Houston Food Bank from the outstanding participation from the Houston community.

"Last year we had 169 [restaurants], " Stone says. "The event is not about the quantity, it is about the quality. The prime objective is to invite restaurants who want to be in the event, and restaurants who are involved."

Stone works as hard as she can to put on this event and is grateful and thankful for any donations towards the Houston Food Bank through Houston Restaurant Weeks.

"The Houston Food Bank now depends on the money that Houston Restaurant Weeks raises as far as their budget," Stone says. "I need a month to raise that kind of money."

Check back with us for more information about participating restaurants and menus during this year's Houston Restaurant Weeks.

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