Houston Restaurant Weeks: Sorrel Urban Bistro

What they're up to for Restaurant Weeks: Two course brunch or lunch for $20 (choose either appetizer and entrée or entrée and dessert) and three course dinner for $35. Sorrel Urban Bistro will donate $3 per brunch or lunch and $5 per dinner to the Houston Food Bank.

Service/Atmosphere: We went to Sunday brunch around 11 a.m. and there was no wait, but there were a number of reserved tables around us. The dining area is light and spacious, and contrary to what some people think, I happen to love the big screen TV airing live footage of what's going on behind the scenes in the kitchen. The drink service was a little slow, but our waiter was friendly and efficient.

Items that won't be on the regular menu: Most of Sorrel's HRW menu differs from its usual menu, but standouts include local greens with a poached egg and applewood bacon and fire roasted Gundermanns pepper soup with poblano olive oil. Other specials are a roasted chicken frittata, house cured salmon, pork chop and grits and Fabio's pasta with local vegetables.

Don't Miss This Dish: My favorite item was the Lobster Benedict, which happens to be on the regular Sunday brunch menu, but it's a great deal for HRW. On the regular menu, the Lobster Benedict is $15, but for HRW, you get that and an appetizer or dessert for $20. It's essentially a crab cake with lobster meat and a creamy, spicy hollandaise sauce. The local greens with a poached egg and bacon were also fresh and delicious.

Don't Bother: We chose to get an appetizer and an entrée and skip dessert altogether, and I recommend you do the same. Yes, Grand Marnier chocolate mousse sounds yummy, but who eats dessert with brunch anyway? The chicken frittata, while good and filling, is something I can easily make at home, so were I to do it again, I'd probably branch out with the local pork chop.

Final verdict: An amazing value for such great, fresh, local food. My mother and I also got drinks with our meal; her Bloody Mary was $10 and my mimosa was 99 cents, so to get the maximum bang for your buck, stick to champagne and lobster. I'll definitely be back sometime later this month for the same deal.

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