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Houston Restaurants You Should Hustle to in December

Here's our monthly catch-up post to let you know what Houston restaurants you need to get to right away this month. Here are the ones that scored highest on our food barometer in November.

Morningstar Offers a Delightful Way to Start — or Continue Through — the Day

Morningstar is surprising. Sometimes it’s surprising in very good ways. Take, for example, the matcha sua da, David Buehrer’s tea-based spin on Houston’s favorite rocket fuel, the Vietnamese iced coffee. Evaporated soy milk sweetens vegetal, tannic matcha tea, turning it milky and cool, nutty and earthy and slightly oceanic. There’s a creamy, tempered sweetness that makes it eminently drinkable, revealing a subtle and nuanced bloom of flavors underneath. Matcha isn’t always an approachable drink for those unaccustomed, but this riff makes it downright crave-able.
First Look at Eloise Nichols Grill & Liquors

Located just a few blocks from the River Oaks District, where it's hidden on a side road off of the main Westheimer drag, Eloise Nichols Grill & Bar is a bit off the beaten path, but that’s one of the things that make it so perfect for the type of restaurant it’s trying to be: a neighborhood eatery in the heart of River Oaks serving good ol' American food.
Lucky Palace Korean Restaurant Does Best by Its Dinnertime Combos

Combo A for two people came with prime Angus beef brisket, pork belly, marinated Kobe-style beef (bulgogi) and LA-marinated beef short rib (kalbi). Additionally, the order came with steamed egg, Korean vegetable pancake, soybean paste stew and barbecue salad in addition to the banchan — all for $43.99.

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