Houston Shop Celebrates One-Year Anniversary and Fights Sexism With Doughnut Competition

Last week, a male salesman walked into Hugs & Donuts and placed an order. At the counter, the staff overheard him asking his male friend which “flavor” he’d choose out of three women sitting outside on the patio.

The sexist comment led owners Matt Opaleski, Amy Ponterella and Jason Hill to host a doughnut-naming competition called “We Donut Appreciate Your Sexist Opinions.” The question they ask is this: “If you were a doughnut flavor or combo, what would you be?”

The end of the contest coincides with the shop’s first anniversary on April 1 (that's tomorrow!), and Hugs & Donuts will pick the winning concept, turn it into a viable recipe and produce it. The winning doughnut will be sold as the featured doughnut for April. 

Some of the delectable suggestions so far:

  • "Dark chocolate, fiery cayenne and spicy cinnamon donut to bring the heat against sexism!"
  • "Bitter chocolate with a side of sexist's chopped nuts dipped in pink frosting"
  • "Definitely something Mexican...A take on capirotada (bread pudding) with a cajeta (caramel) chipotle drizzle"
  • "All natural with a side of sass. So...Carrot cake with caramel glaze spiked w/cinnamon. Oh... Shaped like a pair of red lips, of course!

The winner will get his or her own doughnut for free all month and also receive a doughnut party pack. It serves from 15 to 20 people and includes two dozen donuts and coffee. To participate, you must submit your idea via a comment to Hugs & Donuts' Facebook post (shown below) TODAY. 

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.