Houston Wine Blogger Community Grows

One of the things that I love the most about wine blogging is the community it creates and the way it brings together people from different corners of society and all walks of life. After all, I fell in love and decided to move to Texas after I met my wife Tracie P through wine blogging.

The Houston wine blogging community had its second "summit" this week at the Tasting Room on Uptown Park Blvd.

In the photo above, from left clockwise: Jamie Glover, Tasting Room social media director; Amy Gross, Christian blogger, mommy blogger and wine blogger; Bear Dalton, legendary wine buyer for Spec's and wine educator extraordinaire; Tom Gutting, "lawyer by day, human being by night"; Joanna Opaskar, the newest member of the Houston wine blogging community, a technical writer for NASA; and Jeff Cope, "on a mission to visit every winery in Texas."

Wines were poured and tasted (including a 2003 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir by Gary Farrell, my standout for the evening), tall tales were told, notes were compared and fun was had by all.

It's pretty amazing, all things considered, how the evening united people from vastly different backgrounds and places in life, folks I probably wouldn't get a chance to sit down with and share a glass of wine...unless we were all wine bloggers.

And of course, the opportunity to taste with Bear -- a real wine celebrity for those in the know -- is always an immense treat.

We're planning another summit before the end of the year: If you are a Houston wine blogger and would like to participate in the next event, please leave a comment and I'll add you to our list.

And in the meantime, blog on, people!

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