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Houston's 10 Best Bathrooms to Bang In

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7. Secret Bathroom at Petrol Station

Not so much a secret anymore, Petrol Station's extra bathroom finally has a solid lock on the door -- so no need for performance anxiety whilst wondering who is about to bust in on your washroom tryst. Gentlemen, you probably want to bring a date if you plan on checking this one off your list, as single ladies at Petrol Station are almost as scarce as Bud Light. Conversely, ladies, everyone knows beer nerds are better lovers, or so I've been told.

6. The Dirt Bar

Dirt Bar was created so people had a place to have a drink before they go off and bang in the bathroom. It's just that kind of bar. The vibe in this place-- the closest thing Houston has to a heavy metal bar -- can range from calm-yet-never-quiet to "Holy shit, is this The Apocalypse?" If you want to bed a rock star, one of your very best shots is at a Dirt after party held for shows at House of Blues just across the street.

5. Mongoose Versus Cobra

Mongoose was one of the early inspirations for this article. I saw two girls hooking up in MvsC's cozy unisex bathroom before soft opening was even over. If you ever find the wait for a drink interminable, camp out near the bathroom and catch the show.

4. 13 Celsius

13 comes in high on the list after scoring well in both the talent and ambience categories. Whether you favor your anonymous hookup flavor in well-suited business professional, married yuppie on the prowl or the scruffy hipster variety, this perpetually hip wine bar has pretty people from all walks of life. Besides, if you need help encouraging your significant other to join you for a quickie, a bottle of wine is excellent lubrication, social and otherwise.

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