Houston's Best Breakfast Croissant

While there isn't technically a category for Best Breakfast Croissant in our annual Best of Houston® issue, the spot would be easily and handily filled by B&B Donuts on Westheimer. There really isn't even a contest.

We discovered (and that's using the term loosely, really, as it's in a very noticeable strip mall in the middle of Montrose -- not exactly hiding out somewhere) B&B Donuts when we were running late to work the other morning and needed somewhere quick to stop for breakfast. The first good sign about B&B came when we noticed that it was Vietnamese-run. Of the many things the Vietnamese know how to do amazingly well, two of them are bake bread and slap fried eggs on top of stuff -- two huge winners in the breakfast book. (Ed. Note: We realize now that the lovely ladies who run BB's are Cambodian. Error duly noted.)

The second good sign about B&B came when we saw that it was packed -- and not with the type of Montrose-area residents that typify the widespread gentrification in the area. These were OG customers, on their way to construction sites and house-painting gigs. And they all looked like regulars, ordering swiftly off the menu as if they ate here every morning, the Vietnamese women behind the counter chatting happily with them in Spanish.

The menu is disjointed (they offer several banh mi in the afternoon; we haven't braved that section yet) and there can be a few pitfalls along the way. Although B&B offers donuts -- and even has "donuts" in the name -- don't be fooled. The donuts are nothing special and are simply empty calories. Head straight for the croissant section and place your order.

The croissants are made to order, not pulled out of a dank fridge, so it takes a couple of extra minutes. But good God is it worth the very minor wait. B&B has some of the flakiest, fluffiest, most buttery croissants we've tasted in Houston. Add to that perfectly cooked, crispy and never chewy bacon, a thick, gooey slice of cheddar and a fried egg that melts into the croissant as you bite into it, and there you have it: Houston's best breakfast croissant.

But don't just take our word for it. Go try it for yourself.

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Katharine Shilcutt