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Best Crawfish in Houston: We Guar-an-tee

That's one big motherpincher.
That's one big motherpincher. Photo by Fabiola Valencia

It's crawfish season and whether you call them crawfish, crawdads or mudbugs, we call them delicious. Some like them with Vietnamese flavors, garlic butter or coated in Cajun seasonings. Some pinch, twist and suck the juicy heads, others just pull out the tender tails and dip them in butter. Whatever your preference, here's a list of places to get some yummy fresh-water crustaceans and maybe a cold beverage, too.

Many of these places offer to-go, delivery and curbside as well as dine-in, though specials may not be available for take-out at some establishments. Because market prices fluctuate, some restaurants will vary their pricing accordingly, so we've provided telephone numbers if readers want to call ahead. Also, crawfish are one of Houstonians favorite things to eat so be aware that restaurants may have a limited supply and sometimes sell out.

click to enlarge Indoors or out, Acadian Coast  has plenty of room for social distancing. - PHOTO BY CONTENT HAUS
Indoors or out, Acadian Coast has plenty of room for social distancing.
Photo by Content Haus

Acadian Coast
2929 Navigation

This seafood restaurant offers great deals on raw oysters during its happy hour and special crawfish boils during the week. From Thursday through Saturday, crawfish are $7 per pound or five pounds for $30. On Wednesday and Sunday, it's an even better deal with crawfish $6 per pound and five pounds for $25. The patio has plenty of seating and there's often live music including the local band and AC regulars, Ruckus, February 11 beginning at 6 p.m. Bayou Roux will perform February 16.

click to enlarge Live music and hot crawfish are happening at Bobcat  Teddy's. - PHOTO BY JORDAN SMITH
Live music and hot crawfish are happening at Bobcat Teddy's.
Photo by Jordan Smith

Bobcat Teddy's Ice House
2803 White Oak

Our local meteorologists may be predicting a late winter storm next week but that won't stop Houstonians from enjoying some patio time and live music. Bobcat Teddy's is bringing in local mudbug experts to cater to crawfish lovers while local artists perform on Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday and Sunday, the crustaceans will be provided by Bagzz of Bugzz, while Clutch City Crawfish will do the honors on Saturday. Prices will vary but expect some good deals whether it's on the patio or on-the-go.

The Boot  calls to mind a Louisiana Cajun shack. - PHOTO BY TROY FIELDS
The Boot calls to mind a Louisiana Cajun shack.
Photo by Troy Fields

The Boot

1206 W. 20th

This Cajun-inspired watering hole has plenty of outdoor space and picnic tables for relaxing with some pandemic pod pals and taking advantage of The Boot's generous happy hour which runs Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. We aren't necessarily encouraging day drinking but if you have a designated ride, we won't judge. The Boot also has daily drink specials like $3 Karbach on Tuesday, $3 Abita on Wednesday and $3 Saint Arnold on Thursday. All day.

It has plenty of fried seafood, gumbo, crawfish etouffee and po-boys to feed the Cajun envie but it also offers boils with crawfish, shrimp and crab legs. The crawfish is market price which is currently running $8.99 per pound at The Boot but call ahead to make sure.

click to enlarge Pick your  flavor and heat at Crawfish Cafe. - PHOTO BY CRAWFISH CAFE STAFF
Pick your flavor and heat at Crawfish Cafe.
Photo by Crawfish Cafe Staff

Crawfish Cafe
11209 Bellaire Boulevard, 281-575-1746
1026 N. Shepherd, 832-649-7102

This Viet-Cajun seafood restaurant has two locations to get your crawfish in a multitude of ways. If you're going for the boil, it's usually $9.99 per pound. Corn, potatoes and sausage are additional. Guests pick their flavor from Original Cajun, Kicking Cajun, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper, Thai Basil or CocoLoco (coconut garlic and citrus) then a spice level. There are house blends or diners can create their own flavor mix.

There are other crawfish treats, too, including crawfish egg rolls, crawfish cheese bread and crawfish fried rice.

Crawfish and Noodles has James Beard cred. - PHOTO BY MAI PHAM
Crawfish and Noodles has James Beard cred.
Photo by Mai Pham
Crawfish and Noodles
11360 Bellaire Boulevard

Owner and executive chef Trong Nguyen has helped to thrust Viet-Cajun cuisine into the national spotlight with various celebrity chefs and food writers making their way to his restaurant for a taste of his personal take on the fusion of Vietnamese and Cajun flavors. Nguyen has also been a James Beard Semifinalist twice, in 2018 and 2019. While the restaurant boasts both  Vietnamese and Cajun menus, it's the live crawfish that keep many Houstonians returning for more. Call the restaurant for market price.

click to enlarge Life doesn't get much better than boiled crawfish and cold beer on a patio. - PHOTO BY FABIOLA VALENCIA
Life doesn't get much better than boiled crawfish and cold beer on a patio.
Photo by Fabiola Valencia
The Creek Group
Cactus Cove, 3333 W. 11th
Canyon Creek, 6603 Westcott
Cedar Creek, 1034 W. 20th
Onion Creek, 3106 White Oak
Piggy's, 3412 W. Lamar

The Creek Group has five locations of its concepts in which to enjoy some spicy crawdads in a casual, Texas Hill Country-inspired setting. The crawfish are available in three flavors: Traditional Cajun, Vietnamese and French-style with butter, garlic and herbs. The regular price is $10 per pound or five pounds for $45 but the Creeks are offering special deals.

On Monday, Cedar Creek, Onion Creek and Piggy's offer a special $5 per pound deal. The same bargain is available at Canyon Creek and Cactus Cove on Tuesday. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday all Creeks have crawfish for $8 per pound and five pounds for $35 for traditional Cajun or Vietnamese-style.

click to enlarge Flying Fish is serving Louisiana crawfish. - PHOTO BY AMBROSE MCDOWELL
Flying Fish is serving Louisiana crawfish.
Photo by Ambrose McDowell

Flying Fish
1815 N. Durham

This casual seafood restaurant has 12 locations throughout Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee but only one in the Houston area for now. It's offering up boiled Louisiana crawfish for $8.95 per pound and customers can add sausage for an extra $2. Flying Fish is also offering specials on margaritas and beer to-go. Its Jose Cuervo margaritas are also available by the gallon ($42.95) on the rocks or frozen. The gallon makes eight 16-ounce servings so you'll be set for the weekend or a really wild Wednesday night.

Flying Fish also has crawfish po'boys and jambalaya. For the upcoming arctic cold front, try its Crawfish Chowder.

click to enlarge Monkey's Tail has a Tex-Mex take on crawfish boil. - PHOTO BY SHANNON O'HARA
Monkey's Tail has a Tex-Mex take on crawfish boil.
Photo by Shannon O'Hara
Monkey's Tail
5802 Fulton

This laid-back bar has a new, expansive, dog-friendly patio with picnic tables meant for hanging out, drinking a beer and sucking crawfish heads. And little monkeys are welcome until 8 p.m. The boiled crawfish are only available on Thursday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. so make plans. The mudbugs are $8 per pound and are available in traditional Cajun or Jalapeno, which has a Tex-Mex flavor. Add-ons include corn (50 cents), red potato (25 cents), melted butter (25 cents), and Monkey's tail dipping sauce (50 cents). A half-pound of sausage is $3.50.

click to enlarge The Pit Room offers crab legs and shrimp, too. - PHOTO BY DOMINIQUE MCGHEE
The Pit Room offers crab legs and shrimp, too.
Photo by Dominique McGhee
The Pit Room
1201 Richmond

While The Pit Room is well-known for its barbecue, it's featuring crawfish, shrimp and snow crab legs on the weekend menu this season. Guests can order the boils inside at the bar. The crawfish is going for $9.95 a pound and includes corn, potatoes and mushrooms and a half Andouille sausage.

The Three Pounder ($27) offers three pounds of crawfish, corn, potato and mushrooms with one andouille sausage. The Feast ($58) includes three pounds of crawfish, two snow crab clusters, one pound of shrimp plus corn, potato, mushrooms and one Andouille sausage.

Customers can add on boiled shrimp at $6.99 per half-pound or $12 for a full pound. Snow Crab legs are $13 each for a nine to ten ounce cluster. More sides can be ordered to complete the boils. Extra Spicy is an additional $1 per pound and melted butter is 50 cents.

The Crawfish boils are available Friday after 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday after 1 p.m. until sold out, so get there early.

The Pub Fountains
12720 Southwest Freeway

This waterside bar and restaurant in Stafford is bringing back its live music and also crawfish boils. The dine-in crawfish specials Wednesday and Sunday offer $6 per pound crawfish with a two pound minimum or an even better deal of five pounds for twenty-five bucks. The live music schedule includes Rapture, February 12 and Mark May, February 16.

For crawfish to-go, it's $9.99 per pound and $39.99 for five pounds.

Ragin' Cajun
4302 Richmond

This Cajun restaurant has been around since 1974 and the original on Richmond is the only location left after the Westchase location closed in May 2020. However, crawfish aficionados know that good sourcing of Louisiana crawfish makes all the difference and Ragin' Cajun prides itself on its 100 percent Acadian "Rice Field" mudbugs.

Currently, the crawfish are $8.99 per pound and don't include corn, potatoes or sausage, though those items can be purchased as add-ins. The crawfish is done in a traditional Cajun-style with lots of cayenne and black pepper.

Besides its menu of Cajun and Creole fare, there are other crawfish dishes such as Buffalo Crawfish Salad, and Crawfish Po-Boy. Frozen Hurricanes and margaritas are available to-go by the gallon for some Mardi Gras fun.

Revelry on Richmond
1613 Richmond

This bar is known for its craft beers and starting February 14, it will be the place to go for Sunday Funday and All-You-Can-Eat Crawfish until they run out. The AYCE deal is $30 every Sunday, until the season ends. For smaller appetites, the crawfish will be $7.99 per pound. There will also be live music on the dog-friendly patio plus drink specials like $5 shots and $13 carafes of mimosas or sangria. For beer drinkers, domestic buckets will be $15 and craft buckets will be $20.

Revelry will host its Cajun Mardi Gras February 14 with Zydeco DOTS performing. Y'all know where the DOTS go, fun will follow.

click to enlarge What's the Cajun word for mouth-watering? - PHOTO BY SHAWN CHIPPENDALE PHOTOGRAPHY
What's the Cajun word for mouth-watering?
Photo by Shawn Chippendale Photography

The Toasted Yolk
Fifteen Houston locations

Some people just don't like to get their pretty little hands dirty, pinching and squeezing the shells of crawfish. The solution is to eat mudbugs in a more civilized fashion; already shelled, cleaned and cooked. The Toasted Yolk has been steadily expanding across the Greater Houston area with its breakfast and lunch fare plus boozy brunch cocktails. Now, it is offering some crawfish dishes for a limited time through April. Guests can try its Tails and Grits, made with jumbo crawfish, onions, bell peppers and jalapenos in a Creole sauce, served over cheesy, creamy grits. For egg buffs, the Zydeco Omelette is a whopping four egg beast stuffed with crawfish tails, onion, bell peppers, cheddar cheese and topped with house-made remoulade sauce.

The remoulade sauce also tops the poached eggs on the Bourbon St. Arnold, a Louisiana twist on eggs Benedict with hand-battered fried crawfish tails atop crusty bread and sliced tomato. The Mardi Gras PoBoy offers fried crawfish in a crispy bread loaf with lettuce, tomato and remoulade sauce.

For an extra Bourbon Street touch, try the Toasted Hurricane made with rum and passionfruit.
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