Houston's Best Gluten-Free Dining Options

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While chains aren't always known for the quality of their food, the spots below are notable for a few reasons: They're conveniently located throughout the city, they're relatively inexpensive and all offer entire gluten-free menus -- not just a few paltry GF substitutions. Outback was one of the first chains to offer a separate GF menu and P.F. Chang's currently offers one of the largest. (One more fun fact: Saint Arnold brews the beer locally for the BJ's spots in and around Houston.)

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse Chipotle Jason's Deli Outback Steakhouse P.F. Chang's Rockfish Seafood Grill Zoe's Kitchen


The fact of the matter is that most Mexican joints are safely gluten-free if you abstain from flour tortillas, sopapillas and the like. Corn tortillas -- especially those filled with barbacoa or al pastor from taco trucks -- are one of the easiest bets for the GF diner. But here are a few places that really take gluten-free to the next level.

Hugo's Lupe Tortilla Taco Milagro


Pizza is one of the items that many GF diners miss the most. Fortunately, more pizza places -- both large and small -- are catching on to this and offering gluten-free crusts that are every bit as good as standard wheat flour crusts.

California Pizza Kitchen Pink's Pizza Russo's New York Pizzeria zpizza

Burger Joints

Sure, you can get a bunless burger at any old burger joint. But sometimes you just want those two fluffy buns holding your meat sandwich together. These four spots will gladly throw a gluten-free bun into the mix for you -- and in the case of Beck's Prime, you'll find plenty of other GF options that aren't burgers, too. Same goes for Guru Burgers & Crepes, where you can also get GF versions of its signature crepes.

Beck's Prime The Counter Elevation Burger Guru Burgers & Crepes

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