Houston's Best New Seafood Dishes to Try During Lent

Wood-fired snapper at One Fifth Steak
Wood-fired snapper at One Fifth Steak Photo by Julie Soefner

It's Lent, which means many folks in the Houston area are likely abstaining from certain luxuries. Now, foregoing meat on Fridays is always popular during this religious observation, which lasts until Palm Sunday, April 9. With that in mind, the Houston Press has gathered together the best new seafood dishes we've seen about town lately.

Even if you're absolutely not giving up meat for the next month, these dishes are still worth a try, and quite representative of some of the most promising new restaurants in the city, with a range of cuisines and flavors on offer. Here now, the best new seafood dishes to try in Houston.

Fresh fish on offer at Ono Poke - PHOTO COURTESY OF ONO POKE
Fresh fish on offer at Ono Poke
Photo courtesy of Ono Poke
Poke at Ono Poke, 607 Richmond
From the build-your-own poke bowl to the trustworthy spicy yellowtail poke bowl, Ono Poke on Richmond really has the poke drill down, with quick service even when there's a line out the door. Bowls, including the specialty versions, will set you back $10.50 for regular size or $11.95 for large.

click to enlarge Seared scallops with crabmeat risotto - PHOTO BY GWENDOLYN KNAPP
Seared scallops with crabmeat risotto
Photo by Gwendolyn Knapp
Seared Scallops at Field & Tides, 705 East 11th
If you're the type of person who's a sucker for scallops on the menu, chef Travis Lenig's preparation will be your new jam. Pan-seared and served over creamy shrimp and crab risotto, the scallops at this family-friendly but chic Heights restaurant come topped with a chive beurre blanc and the feeling of familiar homestyle comfort ($23). The spot also cranks out a number of seafood specialties from fish dip to she-crab soup to entrée preparations of snapper, flounder and more bounty from the Gulf "tides."

Gulf fish karaage with dill Ranch - PHOTO BY GWENDOLYN KNAPP
Gulf fish karaage with dill Ranch
Photo by Gwendolyn Knapp
Gulf Fish Karaage at Riel, 1927 Fairview
Even though Lent might be a somber time for reflection, this is pure party fish, people. Squeeze that lemon on and pop those deep-fried bites of red fish right into your mouth. It's the housemade dill Ranch that really sets this dish apart from your typical Friday fish fry ($12).

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Gwendolyn Knapp is the food editor at the Houston Press. A sixth-generation Floridian, she is still torn as to whether she likes smoked fish dip or queso better.