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How to Day Drink in Houston

A frozen daiq at Gloria's.
A frozen daiq at Gloria's. Photo by Cuc Lam

Beers before dark.
Photo by Chuck Cook Photography

It's the weekend and that means it's time once again to round up some of our top-performing coverage of recent history, rolled up into one sleek package of epic dining and boozing intel. This weekend we turn our attention to one of Houston's favorite Saturday recreational activities: day drinking. Ah yes, put your feet up and kick back with these options for getting your buzz or brainfreeze on.

A frozen daiq at Gloria's. - PHOTO BY CUC LAM
A frozen daiq at Gloria's.
Photo by Cuc Lam
Houston's 10 Best Frozen Drinks

It's flipping hot out, so we've been spending the past few weeks seeking out the city's best (and coldest) drinks. We're talking frozen cocktails. While there are a couple of margaritas on this list, for the most part Houston is a city that's running wild with the types of cocktails that can be enhanced by a daiquiri machine or blender.

Zero Infinito, a zesty pét-nat, is a great summer wine. - PHOTO BY GWENDOLYN KNAPP
Zero Infinito, a zesty pét-nat, is a great summer wine.
Photo by Gwendolyn Knapp

Houston’s Summer Wine Obsession Boils Down to Two Little Words: Glou-Glou

Beaujolais is in such high demand there’s an allocation on the good bottles from makers known, like the 1970s political punk band, as the Gang of Four; and somewhere north of Rome, nuns are burying cow horns filled with dung in their vineyard grounds and howling at the full moon to heal the earth while they make wine. But here in Houston, folks are gearing up to ward off the summer heat with approachable wines that sommeliers around town agree boil down to pretty much one thing.

Chill out at FM Kitchen. - PHOTO BY TROY FIELDS
Chill out at FM Kitchen.
Photo by Troy Fields
Keep It Casual: Houston Summer’s Best Food and Drink Is All About the Chill Factor.

Your cutoffs are drenched and the shirt on your back is Rorschached with a sweat blob the shape of California. The sun is sinking in the sky, the throat dry, stomach doing its groaning thing. You aren’t going home to change or shower, but forging ahead. You need beer, a cocktail, a plate of food, maybe a friend or two, a seat at a picnic table where nobody will judge you for the fact that the pits of your shirt won’t dry out.

Such is the summer, and the best new spots in Houston right now are quite aware of your need to keep casual and play it cool. In fact, the best new places to eat this summer are actually just awesome bars, albeit bars with the added bonus of chef-driven food and, in some cases, a full-on beer garden.
A daytime spread at il Giardino - PHOTO COURTESY OF HOTEL GRANDUCA
A daytime spread at il Giardino
Photo courtesy of Hotel Granduca
Houston's Best New Restaurant Patios, Summer 2017

Springtime in Houston is all about cashing in on the great weather, and whether you're in the mood for a chill happy hour, a see-and-be-seen weekend, a quick burger with the family or a special date night, these new outdoor spaces fit the bill. All of these restaurants and bars have opened or debuted new outdoor spaces in the past year. Some welcome dogs. Some offer live music. But all are al fresco hot spots.

Punk's on Morningside. - PHOTO BY TROY FIELDS
Punk's on Morningside.
Photo by Troy Fields
20 (More) of Houston’s Best Patios for 2016

Last year we listed 20 of the best restaurant patios for dining, drinking and relaxing. It proved to be an extremely popular resource. Here's some excellent news: Every single option from last year is still viable. None of those restaurants have closed.

In the meantime, several new restaurants featuring patios have opened within the past year. So, here are 20 more places to go, a mix of the new places along with revered classics that should not be overlooked. When it’s time for a good meal, fine wine, cold cocktails and warm rays, there are plenty of options.

What do you mean it's only 9 a.m? - PHOTO BY PHAEDRA COOK
What do you mean it's only 9 a.m?
Photo by Phaedra Cook
Buying Beer, Part 1: Beers for Everyday Drinking

This marks the beginning of a series on beer designed by multiple Houston beer experts to help anyone interested in craft beer. Whether you’re just now delving into this big, wonderful world or have been a collector for a long time, there’s going to be something in the series that applies to you. Here are the upcoming parts of the series:

Part 2: Readily Available Beers to Cellar
Part 3: Seasonal and Limited Beers
Part 4: Beers Worth Standing in Line For
Part 5: Beers to Seek When Traveling
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