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Got Dietary Restrictions?

Heaven on a roll at Cousins Maine Lobster
Heaven on a roll at Cousins Maine Lobster Photo by Dana Moos
Quinoa taco bowl time at Local Foods. - PHOTO BY ERIKA KWEE
Quinoa taco bowl time at Local Foods.
Photo by Erika Kwee

Perhaps you're just trying to eat healthy these days or maybe you're looking for a great spot for Fish Friday during Lent. Either way, here are a few great ways to dine for those with dietary restrictions in mind.

Heaven on a roll at Cousins Maine Lobster - PHOTO BY DANA MOOS
Heaven on a roll at Cousins Maine Lobster
Photo by Dana Moos
The Best Fish Sandwiches in Houston

Hope you pigged out on Fat Tuesday, because the 40-day Lenten season is here. It's often a time of prayer, atonement and — most important for the purposes of this article — Fridays on which you abstain from meat and get jealous over your co-worker's bacon cheeseburger. Well, this year, you'll feel envy no more! Because these ten drool-worthy seafood sandwiches will keep even the most meat-centric of you properly satiated.

Ethiopian for the gluten-free win. - PHOTO BY KATHARINE SHILCUTT
Ethiopian for the gluten-free win.
Photo by Katharine Shilcutt

Houston's Best Gluten-Free Dining Options

One of the more frequent questions I'm asked these days is where to find good gluten-free food. And when GF folks ask this question, they're looking for more than an answer of "Oh, any place that serves vegetables and meat. Can't you figure out your own dietary restrictions?"

No; they're looking for restaurants that specialize in gluten-free menu items yet are still mainstream enough to accommodate their friends and family. Luckily for them, an increasing number of restaurants are doing just that.
Local Foods rules when it comes to vegetarian eats. - PHOTO BY ERIKA KWEE
Local Foods rules when it comes to vegetarian eats.
Photo by Erika Kwee
The 10 Best Houston Restaurants for Vegetarians

Certainly no one would ever dub Houston the vegetarian capital of the U.S., yet there are a surprising number of ways to eat creative, meatless meals thanks to the diverse restaurant options in Houston. The following restaurants not only offer quality vegan and vegetarian options, but also offer dishes that capture the spirit of the cuisine without making anyone feel deprived by a lack of meat.

Is Paleo still a thing? - PHOTO BY KATHARINE SHILCUTT
Is Paleo still a thing?
Photo by Katharine Shilcutt
So Delicious, a Caveman Could Eat It: 10 Paleo-Friendly Restaurant Menus in Houston

It's reader request time around here, and this week's reader request was for a list of paleo-friendly restaurants around Houston. (See, you do love our lists. Yes you do.)

Although I don't adhere to the paleo diet, many of my good friends do. Here's an explanation of the nutritional regimen in a nutshell, for the uninitiated: The paleo (short for "paleolithic") diet encourages the consumption of foods that advocates claim were abundant in the diets of paleolithic-era peoples. Fish, seafood, grass-fed meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms (and other fungi), roots, seeds and nuts are all fair game. It discourages consumption of foods that cavemen wouldn't have had access to: gluten of any kind, grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, processed oils and basically any and all processed foods.
Not so fast, jerky head. - PHOTO BY MIKE LAWTON
Not so fast, jerky head.
Photo by Mike Lawton
Top Ten Foods You Think Are Healthy But Aren't (And What to Eat Instead)

New year, new resolutions to exercise more and eat better to achieve a healthier lifestyle. These are worthy goals, of course, but many people don't realize they're sabotaging their attempts at healthy living with food and drinks that masquerade as nutritious but actually aren't. Sneaky little devils.

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