Houston's Eccentric Super Gyros

The Ekko's gas station and Greek deli on Richmond and South Rice founded by former airline pilot Steve Bouboudakis was the subject of this week's Café review. But Steve's gas station gyro stand is hardly the only wacky Greek venue in town. Houston Greek restaurants are beloved both for great food and eccentric personalities.

Take Nick Semoudiaris and his oddly named hamburger stand, Yia Yia's Roadster Grill on Bellaire. Is it a hamburger joint or a Greek restaurant? (The answer is both.) And why is it named after his grandma's hot rod? (It's a long story that doesn't make any sense.) But don't miss his grandma's moussaka--its awesome. And so are the Fat Dogs.

And then there's the legendary John Katsimikis of Bibas One's a Meal (now on Westheimer at Montrose in the old Rogue location) who was profiled in the Brian McManus story titled Houston's Food Nazis. Katsimikis may or may not refill your iced tea glass depending on his mood. He might bring you chicken soup when you asked for a salad because you look sick. And he won't serve hummus because of the indignities the Muslims heaped on the Greeks for 400 years. Never mind the Ottoman Empire hasn't been in power since World War I.

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You might say that gyro sandwiches come with free entertainment in Houston.

-Robb Walsh

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