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Houston's Hottest Chefs: Eric Aldis

This past week, we've highlighted the winners in the second round of Houston's Hottest Chefs: the men. We've taken a good, long look at Justin Basye, Ricky Craig, L.J. Wiley and Bryan Caswell. But the moment of truth has come. The people of Houston have spoken. Eric Aldis of Mo's: A Place For Steaks is Houston's hottest gentleman chef of all.

Eating Our Words: Are you surprised to learn that you were voted Houston's hottest chef, beating even our top female chef, Lisa Carnley?

Eric Aldis: I am very surprised. All the other chefs were great chefs and easy on the eyes. Especially surprised about Lisa; she's hot!

EOW: Did your friends and family give you a hard time about this? Your coworkers at Mo's? From the votes we tallied, it seems like they rallied behind you quite a bit.

Aldis: I definitely appreciate the support from all my friends, family and coworkers. My sous labeled me "McSteamy" to give me a hard time. Little did he know that it would stick and make punch lines for even more jokes.

EOW: Do you have a favorite "hot" dish that you serve when you're trying to seal the deal, so to speak?

Aldis: Breakfast.

EOW: Will you be serving up steaks to your friends and family in celebration of your title, or making them serve food to you instead? Peeled grapes, wine?

Aldis: I might sit in the walk in cooler and drink a bottle of Caymus with one of those giant swirly straws.

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Katharine Shilcutt