Houston's Hottest Chefs: Jody Stevens

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Every day this week we'll be highlighting the female winners from our poll on Houston's Hottest Chefs. On Friday we'll reveal the hottest chef of all.

Eating Our Words: Were you surprised to see that you were named one of Houston's hottest female chefs?

Jody Stevens: Definitely! I was so honored to be nominated to begin with. The greatest part of what I do is getting out there and meeting people -- making a connection with my client base -- so it was nice that the community had something to say about the new kid in town!!! Plus, to be grouped with the likes of Monica Pope and Jamie Zelko...awesome!

EOW: Is it true you got your start baking "adult" cakes in Los Angeles? And that you won an AVN award for your work?

Stevens: Where did you dig that up? Yes, it's true. *blushes* I actually did quite a few wrap parties for Vivid Entertainment and other production companies in Los Angeles. In 2008, AVN awarded me "Best New Novelty Item" for my "naughty" cakes. My friends all call this part of my business "Jodycakes After Dark." After this happened, I called my mom and asked her how she'd feel about one of her daughters being in the porn industry. Her reply? "Well, it's not something I'm going to discuss in Bible Study..." Meanwhile, my father was probably rolling over in his grave! *laughs*

EOW: What's your favorite part about baking cakes and cupcakes for people?

Stevens: I receive great satisfaction in what I do on a daily basis. I not only provide regular cakes and cupcakes to the general public but I also specialize in very specific dietary restrictive cakes such as vegan, egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free. I'm a softie and I can't tell you the number of times, that I've had a mom or a dad call me, in tears, to tell me that their child was finally able to enjoy cake like everyone else at school. It fills me with such pride and a sense of accomplishment that I'm truly doing something special for people. I love that little Johnny or Janey can eat their cake or cupcakes without getting sick and not feel left out at parties. I am also super excited to bring veganism into baking. I find the market has fallen short with this group of people who chose a certain lifestyle; they, too, deserve delicious cake!

EOW: What's been your favorite wine and cupcake pairing to date at 13 Celsius?

Stevens: I have to say that Marc Borel is the brains behind this little masterpiece. It's so hard for me to pick just one because he surprises me every single week. I try to stump him and he always prevails. We get such positive feedback on all the pairings and we have somewhat of a cult following! I guess I have to say all of them are my favorites; wine and cupcakes are the new peas and carrots!

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