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Houston's Hottest Chefs: Justin Basye

Every day this week we'll be highlighting the male winners from our poll on Houston's Hottest Chefs. On Friday we'll reveal the hottest chef of all.

Ask Justin Basye about his daily beauty routine, and you'll get a funny look in response. "I don't have one," he says. "Must be nice," we say.

But it's true. Stella Sola's prized chef Basye much prefers dressing the meats he cures in-house to dressing himself. And perhaps it's that unselfish, avoid-the-spotlight-at-all-costs mentality that makes us like him so much.

Tall and lanky with dirty blond hair and a sneak-up-on-ya smile, this Houston native has not one ounce of vanity within. You'll generally find him clad in crisp, retro clothing and comfy shoes, and you'll rarely see him without his chunky, hipster glasses. We imagine that his accessory of choice is a canned beer, and it's doubtful that you'd find him on stage at a karaoke bar anytime soon.

Humble squared, Basye would rather discuss, ohhh, just about anything other than himself. Even though he says that "Of course I'm flattered" to be included on a list of Houston's hottest chefs, it's clear that he's much happier discussing any number of lighter topics -- like how to butcher a pig, create the perfect pasta al dente, or braise a lamb shank.

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