Houston's Hottest Chefs: Lisa Carnley

This past week, we've highlighted Houston's hottest female chefs, profiling Monica Pope, Jody Stevens, Meagan Silk and Jamie Zelko. But the moment of truth has come. The people of Houston have spoken. Lisa Carnley of Calliope's Po-Boys is Houston's hottest lady chef of all.

When we asked Carnley how she felt about her nomination for Houston's Hottest chef, she replied, "I am more interested in the food than how I look cooking it." Now that is a chef for you.

Carnley puts her energy into creating amazing Cajun dishes, including some of Houston's best po boys and gumbo, not worrying about being sexy. Maybe that is why you can taste the "hottest crawfish fried rice" in Houston at Calliope's.

Carnley grew up in New Orleans and came to Houston after Katrina. When he reviewed Calliope's Po-Boys back in April of 2009, Robb Walsh wrote, "this is as close to a real New Orleans poor boy shop as we've had in Houston since Original New Orleans Poor Boys on Main Street closed."

While Carnley isn't too interested in whether we think she is hot or not, she admits to being slightly amused by the whole thing. She says her friends and co-workers told her about the nomination, and that they're having a lot fun with it.

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