Houston's Hottest Chefs: L.J. Wiley
Tam Vo

Houston's Hottest Chefs: L.J. Wiley

Every day this week we'll be highlighting the male winners from our poll on Houston's Hottest Chefs. On Friday we'll reveal the hottest chef of all.

Yelapa Chef L.J. Wiley is a guy's guy: a tall glass of water that likes to throw back a drink or six and is always up for a challenge. He's as nice as he is outgoing -- hospitable, funny, one of those people that has a sincere, just-right answer for everything. His fresh, ingredient-centric cooking has won fans citywide, but it's his one-two combination of personality + looks that makes him a hit with the ladies.

Chef Wiley tells us that he's from a city that harbors some of the most beautiful people in the world: Houston -- what, what! Must be something in the water. But as comfortable as he is -- inside and out -- my question about his daily beauty routine is met with a questioning look. He hems and haws for a minute before this: "If I have to say something, I guess it's just that I shower, sometimes shave, brush my teeth, and grab whatever clothes are most accessible." Simplicity. We can dig it.

Despite Wiley's propensity for comfy work clothes, his buddies claim he cleans up mighty nice, too. We can only cross our fingers, click our heels three times, and wish upon a star that we have the chance to see him in one of his fabled business suits. Purrrrr...


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