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Houston's Hottest Chefs: Meagan Silk

Every day this week we'll be highlighting the female winners from our poll on Houston's Hottest Chefs. On Friday we'll reveal the hottest chef of all.

When you walk into Feast, the first thing you're likely to see is Meagan Silk, and lucky for you. The petite blond, who sports an easy smile and vibrant peacock tattoo on her forearm, may not technically be a chef, but we don't care. Her charm and, let's face it, her hotness, are certainly contributing factors to the restaurant's success.

Though primarily associated with the front of house at Feast, Silk does pop into the kitchen from time to time. "I'd say I contribute about 1 percent!" The source behind Feast's pierogies, when they appear on the menu, she also occasionally works prep and desserts. More often than not, though, the lovely Silk can be found greeting hungry diners in the wood-paneled entryway of the Montrose house where Feast has made a name for itself. One part of the restaurant's trio of owners (all famously inked with matching pig tattoos), Silk manages the restaurant and is the voice behind its Twitter accounts, @FeastHouston and now, @FeastNewOrleans, slated to open early this fall.

Of course, Meagan Silk has more than just a business connection to Feast; she's married to James Silk, one half of Feast's culinary brain trust (Richard Knight, James's childhood friend, is the other half). How does this chef/front-of-house relationship play out at home in the kitchen? "Generally it's a team effort at home. James usually cooks the meat items and I handle vegetables, Italian food and Mexican food. I make a mean spaghetti and meatballs!"

Not only can Silk cook -- she isn't afraid to eat. Among her favorites? "Steak tartare, burrata mozzarella, simple crispy-skin roast chicken, Maine lobster, foie gras, creamy mashed potatoes, marcona almonds, ceviche." Let's face it: Few things are sexier than a beautiful woman with a healthy appetite. So should we ever be so bold as to attempt a Meagan Silk seduction, what foods would be our best bet? "Gosh, most anything involving potatoes, cheese or chocolate!" A woman after our own hearts, indeed.

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Nishta Mehra